How is Kinesiology Tape Different from Conventional Strapping Tape?

Most standard strapping tapes are non-elastic. Rigid strapping firmly wraps around your injured structures. They aim to provide rigid support and restrict movement. These rigid strapping tapes can only be worn for short periods, after which you must remove them to restore your circulation and mobility.

kinesiology tape

Alternatively, kinesiology tape has some unique elastic properties that allow it to provide active support, protecting muscles or joints, while still allowing a safe and functional range of motion.

Rather than being entirely wrapped around injured joints or muscle groups, kinesiology tape is applied directly over or around the periphery of troublesome areas. This non-restrictive characteristic of kinesiology taping allows most applications to continue for several days. This period reinforces therapeutic benefits to accumulate 24-hours a day for the entire time they’re worn.

You can wear kinesiology tape during intense exercise, showering or swimming. It quickly dries after a quick pat with a towel.

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