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  • NeuroTrac Sports XL - Electronic Muscle Stimulator
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    NeuroTrac Sports XL - Electronic Muscle Stimulator

    5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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    Treat 4 Areas at Once! 

    The NeuroTrac Sports XL is an advanced and modern digital dual channel EMS unit with support for 4 lead wires and 8 electrodes. 

    This enables you to treat up to four areas simultaneously.

    The NeuroTrac Sports XL is a professional unit that has a wide variety of functions including muscle building, toning, rehabilitation and cellulite reduction.

    It features 21 built-in sports and muscle rehabilitation programmes and 3-custom programmes.

    What is an EMS Machine?

    Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

    Electrical Muscle Stimulation units are widely used by physiotherapists around the world to assist early muscle strengthening.

    Private Health Fund Rebates

    Private Health Fund Rebates are available from most private health insurers for a TENS Machine. Normally a letter of recommendation from your doctor or physiotherapist is required. Please contact your private health fund for their specific requirements.

    Private Health Insurance Rebates Info

    Money Back Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied we'll happily refund you the full price of the machine within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked!


    Use only as directed. A TENS machine and EMS machine are electronic medical devices.  Always read the label and instruction manual. A TENS machine may assist you in modest short-term pain relief. Consult your doctor/healthcare professional prior to use and if symptoms persist. 

    What is a TENS machine?

    What is an EMS machine?

    What's Included?

    • NeuroTrac Sports XL unit
    • 9V Battery
    • 8 self-adhesive electrodes
    • 4 electrode cables
    • Comprehensive user manual
    • Carry/storage case

    Everything's ready for immediate use.

    More information?

    NeuroTrac Sports XL

    TENS Units & EMS Machines  - Information Links

    NeuroTrac Sports XL Manual & Information NeuroTrac Sports XL Manual & Information (233 KB)


    TENS Machine FAQs

  • What is Pain?
  • What is EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation)?
  • How to Use a TENS Machine
  • TENS Machine - Private Health Insurance Rebate
  • What is a TENS Machine?
  • What is Nerve Pain?
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5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
Rating: 5
Title NeuroTrac Sports SL
Comment Love it! Easy to use, lots of settings to choose from. I've used it to manage injury, increase circulation and aid recovery. Excellent
Name Samantha Dunlop
Product Quality Rating: 5
Product Value Rating: 5
Product Recommended
Samantha Dunlop - 03-Jun-2016
Rating: 5
Title Lyne Degiorgio
Comment Love this machine Use it often , it has several uses for me as I suffer from Arthritis and Fibro Myalgia it can soothe my aching muscles or work the ones I have problems keeping firm like my calf after I ruptured my Achilies tendon and couldn't walk my calf wasted and was very difficult to get back the Neuro track helped me get it back to strength . I also have disk problems in my back and the device helps to keep my stomach muscles toned and my back pain in check . I've had it for several years now with no problems and would recommend it to anyone. A high quality product and I don't usually give recommendations
Name Lyne Degiorgio
Product Quality Rating: 5
Product Value Rating: 4
Product Recommended
Lyne Degiorgio - 03-Jun-2016
Rating: 5
Comment Top product. Had mine several years now
Name mark rossiter
Product Quality Rating: 5
Product Value Rating: 5
Product Recommended
mark rossiter - 02-Jun-2016
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