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Sandgate PhysioWorks holds yoga classes for interested clients. Due to limited class sizes, please contact Sandgate Physio Works for session details and bookings.  

What is Yoga? 

Yoga is a hindu discipline that is derived from the sanskrit word “Yuj” which means union. Hence, yoga is the union of spiritual, mental and physical awareness. Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise, originating in 3000 B.C. Hatha yoga, or “yoga of postures” is the most common form of yoga practiced in Western countries. It involves coordinating breath with movement, or the performance of a sequence of “asanas”, which are yoga postures.

Essentially yoga promotes flexibility in both the body AND the mind so you can lead a more balanced lifestyle.

How Does Yoga Help You?

Yoga has many benefits. The most notable include:

  • improved flexibility
  • better sleep
  • improved core stability
  • enhanced stress management
  • improved overall body strength
  • better circulation
  • improved postural alignment
  • improved digestion
  • improved balance
  • enhanced body awareness
  • greater mental clarity

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Can You do Yoga if You aren’t Flexible?

Absolutely! Being flexible is not necessary to receive the benefits of yoga. There are many modifications for each of the poses, that you can be provided. Breathing, is the primary focus of yoga. A secondary focus is synchronising your breath with the movements of your body. So if all you are doing during class is focusing on the quality and pattern of your breath, you are still doing Yoga!

How Do You Know if Yoga is Suitable for You?

Yoga is great for nearly everyone. Male or female, young or old. Flexible or stiff. If you are unsure about your general health and whether it will cope with yoga please check with your doctor or give us a call to discuss your situation.

Yoga Classes at PhysioWorks?

PhysioWorks operates small group yoga classes to provide a safe and steady progression from basic control to intermediate and advanced control.

The small groups enable us to ensure that your quality of movement is maintained to prevent increasing your back pain or causing it in the first place.

If you are interested in attending our yoga classes, please call us. 

What Do You Need to Bring to Yoga Class?

Just yourself, in comfortable clothing, and a towel. Yoga mats and any other props to perform the poses will be provided.

Can You Bring a Friend to Yoga?

Certainly. We encourage you to bring a friend or two, or even book out the entire small class. The maximum group size we run at PhysioWorks is six people to ensure that you are not lost in a crowd.

Give Yoga a Try - It’ll Change Your Life!

We look forward to you enjoying the many physical and psychological benefits that yoga provides you shortly.

For more information, please contact PhysioWorks Sandgate on 3269 1122 for yoga class details.

Sandgate Physio Works

Phone: 3269 1122

Book Online - 24 hours!

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