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What is Women’s Health Physiotherapy?


Women’s Health Physiotherapy incorporates the assessment and treatment of a large number of women-specific conditions including:

Q: What Do You Need To Bring To Your Women's Health Appointment?

A: Please bring any information regarding your condition from your GP, medical specialists or other health care providers with you to your appointment. You will also need to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out some paperwork. Alternatively, this information can be emailed to you before your appointment.

Q: What Do You Wear To Your Appointment?

A: Please wear clothing that you can move around freely in.

Q: Will the Information that You Provide during Your Appointment Remain Confidential?

A: Yes. All the information that you provide in your appointment will remain confidential and will only be discussed with other healthcare providers involved in your care with your consent. We also conduct your appointment in individual rooms to ensure that what you say remains confidential. The one exception to this is cases of rectus diastasis, which we may treat in the general physiotherapy curtained consulting area unless otherwise requested.

Q: How Long Will Your Appointment Be?

A: The length of the appointment can vary depending on the condition that we will be treating, please see the table below for further information. Your initial women's health appointment will normally take 1-hour. Mastitis and rectus diastasis appointments will normally take 30 to 40-minutes. For information specific to your needs please call our receptionist.

Q: What Will Your Women's Health Appointment Cost?

A: The cost of the session can vary depending on the condition that will be treating. Please call our reception staff at Sandgate (Ph: 3269 1122) or Ashgrove (Ph: 3366 4221) for further information.

Q: Is Your Women's Health Appointment Claimable under private health?

A: Yes. Please bring the private health insurance card with you to your appointment so we can process your claim on the spot.

Q: Is Your Appointment Covered Under an EPC/Medicare Referral?

A: Yes, we do accept GP referrals under EPC guidelines. However, but due to the extended time allocated by your physiotherapist to adequately treat women's health conditions there will be a gap payment to cover the total cost of your consultation after the Medicare rebate is applied. Please call our reception staff at Sandgate (Ph: 3269 1122) or Ashgrove (Ph: 3366 4221) for specific information.

Our Physiotherapists with a Special Interest in Women's Health

What Areas of Women’s Health are Treated at PhysioWorks?

Currently, our physiotherapists treat the following conditions:

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Women's Health Treatment Options

We highly recommend that you seek the advice of a physiotherapist with a special interest and additional training in women's health. Good results take time and it will take less time with the right advice.

Your physiotherapist is the best person to discuss your condition. They will assess you and advise your specific treatment.

Pelvic Floor Conditions

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