What are the Advantages of using a Swiss Exercise Ball as a Chair?

Swiss Ball Office Chair

Good Posture is Easy with a Swiss Ball Chair

You may not realise it, but most of us have poor posture. Unfortunately, this causes long term wear and tear on the spine.  When used as a chair, the Swiss Exercise Ball encourages your to pelvis to move while sitting. In addition to creating better circulation in your spine, gentle bouncing and balance reactions will improve the strength of your vital postural muscles in your back. A better seat for the best back!  

Swiss Balls Double as a Great New Office Chair!

A cheap and effective alternative to the old office or study chair is the Exercise Ball. Join the latest rage and rejuvenate your back. Say goodbye to your back pain forever!

The Swiss Ball has been successfully used as an office chair to stimulate your postural sitting muscles as you work. This saves you time exercising those important back stability muscles, plus provides a pain-free office chair.

"For years I endured what I thought was a quality office chair costing my company over $1000. It wasn't until I tried an exercise ball that my back felt better for the whole day at work. It unbelievable considering the exercise ball cost me just $50.  As you know, the whole office staff now has an exercise ball. It makes for inquisitive comments from clients and less complaints at lunch time."  S Eaton, Ashgrove.


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