What are the Best Core Exercises?

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What are the Best Core Exercises?

Beware of “Core Stability” Exercises!

The fitness industry is full of fitness instructors who profess to know how to activate your core stability muscles. Unfortunately, the wrong core exercises will actually do you harm. Most progress your core exercises far too quickly and bypass these important muscles to further strengthen your outer abdominal muscles and leave your deep core muscles weak.

Research evidence has found that this renders you vulnerable to lower back pain and injury. 

What are the Ideal Core Exercises?

Your Deep Core Stability Muscles can be retrained using specialised low-level activation exercises. While a very skilled physiotherapist who has training in deep core activation can observe and palpate for the correct muscle contraction, the best way is to actually see them working on a real-time ultrasound scan. 

Ultrasound physiotherapy guidance allows you and your physiotherapist to see and correct your specific deep core muscles inside your stomach, lower back, and pelvic floor as you attempt to contract them.

Real Time Ultrasound Physiotherapy

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If you haven't heard about real-time ultrasound physiotherapy, its a great way for you to see your deep core muscles actually working as you contract them in the clinic. Plus, if you aren't contracting your muscles correctly your physiotherapist can immediately start showing you how to correct the way you contract your core muscles using the visual assistance of ultrasound-guided physiotherapy. 

For expert advice on your deep core stability muscles, please arrange for an appointment with your PhysioWorks ultrasound physiotherapist.

More information about Real Time Ultrasound Physiotherapy.

Real Time Ultrasound Physiotherapy Clinics

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