Why use a Tennis Elbow Brace?

Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis Elbow Brace

A tennis elbow brace will support an injured elbow during healing. It helps to reduce your pain immediately allowing you to either return to sport or work while wearing the brace. 

What does a Tennis Brace do?

The tennis elbow brace redirects the stressful forces away from the injured area, which reduces pain while protecting the healing area.

When will you notice less pain?

A tennis elbow brace should immediately ease pain. If it doesn't there are two possibilities:

  • Your condition is very severe and you should consult your physiotherapist. Delay will just make matters worse.
  • You don't have tennis elbow. Seek the advice of your physiotherapist for a thorough assessment. Pain felt in this area can come from many sources including referral from your neck, arm nerves or the shoulder joint.

How to use Safely and Simply

Place the brace around the widest part of your forearm when you do things that would otherwise be painful.

Research tells us that the use of a tennis elbow brace reduces pain and improves grip strength for the majority of tennis elbow or golfers elbow sufferers.

The brace effectively works to absorb the pain causing forces that would normally be exerted through the injury site. This means you'll experience less pain and will also quicken your healing rate.

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Tennis Elbow

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