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Who is Jo Moloney?

Attending a yoga class in a local hall proved surprisingly life changing for Jo. That morning’s practice challenged her strength, flexibility and balance. Downward Dog felt anything but restful! However, post-class she felt an energy that was new (and which lingered), so she went back for more, more and more.

The result of a regular practice was a body and mind makeover: Jo became calmer, happier and her attitude became more positive.

Jo achieved Level 1 Yoga Teacher certification in 2015 through Being Yoga, having studied Vinyasa Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. Through her business, Brew Yoga, Jo teaches and shares all things yoga. Jo’s mission is to help others experience the joy and many benefits of yoga in a supportive, fun and friendly atmosphere, so they too can brew a life they love, benefiting not only themselves but all beings.

Why Choose Yoga?

Yoga gave Jo tools to manage feelings of anxiety. She experienced a greater sense of clarity and began to pause before reacting, taking time to consider the best response (if any). She met and connected with like-minded people, and has benefited richly from their friendship. Perhaps the greatest gift yoga brought to the surface was the courage that existed deep within Jo.

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