How to arrange a Product Refund, Return or Exchange

We understand that despite our best efforts to provide you with the necessary information to order the correct brace or support for your condition, errors can occur. 

In an effort to continue keeping our prices low, please read the following to understand what to do if you feel the product you ordered is unsuitable.

What about Sizing Problems?

Please trial your brace or support for size and fit. If you find the size is incorrect, contact us immediately to discuss your options. 

Unfortunately, we cannot refund items (braces and supports) that have been worn. You would never expect us to send you a secondhand item, so we don't!

Any returned items that have been worn or damaged in any way cannot be refunded.

If the product is unfit for resale due to damage, potential infection or other health and hygiene reasons, then a refund does not apply. 

We feel it is fair and reasonable that we are unable to offer a refund on these items, especially after use.

Refunds or Exchange

To be eligible for a full refund or exchange, the returned product will need to be in perfect condition and in it's original packaging. You will be refunded the product price less any freight charges. 

If your product is returned to us in a damaged state or is unfit for resale, you may receive a proportional refund at the sole discretion of PhysioWorks.

Refund Authorisation

Prior to returning your product you MUST arrange for a "Refund Authorisation Code". We have many product deliveries and arrivals everyday. Items without a refund authorisation number and paperwork can easily get lost. It is your interest to ensure the safe delivery and management of your product return or exchange. 

Refund/Return/Exchange Request Form

You MUST complete the following online form to initiate the refund process. 

Once we have received this form, we will provide you with a "Refund Authorisation Code". 

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