How Do You Improve Your Balance?

Yes! You Can Definitely Improve Your Balance.

The research has confirmed for many years that balance retraining works. It can also take only a few weeks progressed balance exercises to improve or normalise your balance and corrective reactions.

You can perform simple exercises initially such as standing on one legs with eyes open and progress to eyes closed, but after that the best way to improve you balance is to exercise on an unstable surface.

For more information about balance assessment and retraining, please contact your physiotherapist.

Balance Enhancement Products:

Over the years, there have been numerous devices developed to assist clinicians to improve the balance of their clients. This has greatly reduced the incidence of ankle and knee ligament sprains, and at the same time, improve the performance of the athlete. Now, these balance devices can be used by you, in your own home to improve your balance and reduce your injury chance or eliminate your joint pain.

  • Air Disc
  • Balance Pad
  • Balance Beam
  • Swiss Exercise Ball
  • Wobble Board

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