Massage Styles and their Benefits

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Massage ... What Style Will Suit You Best?

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Soft tissue massage therapy involves direct physical action on the soft tissues of the body. The target structures include your muscles, tendons, ligaments, or other connective tissue such as fascia. The best-known example of a soft tissue technique is massage.

Soft tissue techniques include a whole range of massage depths, pressures, and durations. High-quality massage therapists are trained in a range of massage styles. 

Your massage therapist uses numerous massage techniques when performing a massage style. These massage techniques may include some or all of the following depending upon the aim of your massage treatment:

Massage styles include:

Massage Private Health Insurance Rebates at PhysioWorks

A fantastic PhysioWorks massage may be more affordable than you think. Your private health insurance usually pays for the majority of your massage, leaving you with only a few dollars to pay for the gap. For more details please contact your nearest PhysioWorks Massage Clinic.

If you would like more specific advice please contact us at PhysioWorks.

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